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You are guaranteed to find an item that will elevate your stash in our collection. 

Welcome to HBLA.

High Bestie, my name is Keila and I founded HIGH BESTIE LA in December of 2018 after realizing the lack of affordable, and attractive pieces available in the industry. Since 2018 HBLA  has achieved a global reach by making super cool trinkets and accessible to the community.  I have a passion for being innovative. I am an Afro-Latina, autistic woman who prides myself in my small business.  

Fun Fact: I do a lil happy dance every time someone places an order. HBLA is my pride and joy.

High Bestie is a versatile space curated for the aesthetics of this culture to be seen in a fashionable light. For the common Jane, like you and I, to indulge in. 

Tirelessly hoping to find the cutest products and pieces out there … didn’t have much luck.  I borrowed two hundred dollars from my dad to start this business. At 18, I decided this would be my very first business. High Bestie offers beautiful designs and crafty products that are an upgrade to your typical headshop items. 


Honestly most smoke shops carry basic AF pieces. 

People from across the world have been able to experience HBLA and shop our collection because we’re different.

High Bestie takes pride in being one of the first afro-latinx woman-owned niche canna shops online. I’ve collaborated with several artists and shops in the canna-space and I wholeheartedly find joy in being a small business owner. I’m always looking to learn from my peers and spark things up. 

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